Name Position Phone Mobile Room Email WWW Publications
Ari VisaProfessor
Head of the Department
040 7287 969TF309@->->
Mikko ParviainenAssistantTF313@->
Juha JylhäResearcher041 4688 632TH409@->
Marja RuotsalainenResearcher050 3721 180TH414@->->
Juho VihonenResearcher044 3537 650TH407@->
Riitta KerminenResearcher040 8490 652TH414@->
Jarmo MakkonenResearcher040 8490 654TH412@->
Ville VäisänenResearcher040 8490 796TH409@->
Henna PeräläResearcher040 8490 938TH411@->
Minna VäiläResearcherTH411@->
Lasse MuttilainenResearcherTH413@
Risto VehmasResearcherTH413@
Antti OravaResearch Assistant
040 8490 716TH412@
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Note: the list only shows research publications found in the TUT DPub database under Department of Signal Processing.